Tahereh Norouzi, an Iranian Bahá’í, Released After 12 Days of Detention

طاهره نوروزی

Tahereh Norouzi, an Iranian Bahá’í residing in Shiraz, who was arrested by security forces on June 9, 2024, was released from prison on bail on Friday, June 21, 2024.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Ms. Norouzi, the mother of two young children, spent 12 days in detention without being informed of the charges against her and was denied access to a lawyer and visits from her family.

The reasons for her arrest and the charges against this her are still unknown.

The arrest of Tahereh Norouzi is part of an increasing crackdown on the Bahá’í community in Iran.

In recent months, dozens of Bahá’í citizens across Iran have been arrested.

Bahá’ís in Iran face widespread discrimination, including being denied access to education, employment, and social rights.

The release of Tahereh Norouzi is a positive step towards ensuring the basic rights of Bahá’ís in Iran.

However, we continue to call for the release of all Bahá’ís and other prisoners of conscience in Iran.

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