Marzieh Mahmoudi to be Tried for the Third Time for Reposting Nika Shakarami’s Report

مرضیه محمودی

Marzieh Mahmoudi, a journalist, is set to appear in court for the third time for reposting a BBC report about the killing of Nika Shakarami.

According to the campaign for the defense of political and civil prisoners and political and civil prisoners, his lawyer Reza Shafakhah announced this news on Twitter. Court is scheduled for Wednesday, July 3, 2024.

Previously, Mahmoudi was summoned by Branch 16 of the Prosecutor’s Office for Culture and Media in May 2024 for reposting the report, which led to the opening of a case against her.

Mahmoudi has faced legal actions before due to her journalistic activities. Last summer, she was fined 6 million tomans for a tweet in which she called Hamid Rasai “shameless” for making sexual insults towards protesters.

Nika Shakarami was one of the casualties of the nationwide protests in November 2022. The BBC report that Mahmoudi reposted detailed her murder based on information from a “highly credible” source.

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