Akam Salehi, an honor student in Sanandaj, is arrested

Human rights organizations in Iran’s Kurdistan have reported on Akam Salehi arrest and lack of information on his status.  Akam Salehi is a member of the campaign “No to Baneh Border Closure” in Sanandaj.

Akam Salehi, an honor and outstanding student from Baneh, in protest to Baneh border closure, had already resigned from the secretary’s post of the Perspectives National Consensus Congress of Iran.There is no information on the reasons for his arrest.

Akam Salehi, secretary of sixth areas at the Perspectives National Consensus Congress of Iran and member of the campaign “No to Baneh Border Closure”, recently signed a letter of resignation in protest of closing Baneh’s official border and the porter’s death.

Since Sunday, April 15th, 2018, Baneh’s Bazar and City ‘s crafts are in strike in protest to border closure and the tariffs increase.

Over the past weeks, the Baneh’s Bazarian in strike has gathered in front of the governor office and with presenting the empty tables and carring banners with the slogans of “Governor resign”, “We want the answer”, “Daddy has no Bread” and “The tables are empty”, calling for explicit responses from authorities regarding borders closure.

The livelihood of many people in the border towns of Kurdistan are dependent on the borders, which for unknown reasons have been closedIt was previously reported that several civil activists and Kurdish citizens were summoned, interrogated and arrested on the border, some of whom are under investigation.

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