At Least Two Porters were Wounded by bullets in Sardasht

تصویر آرشیو

A couple of hours ago two Porters were injured in Sardash city by direct firing squad.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, this afternoon, on July 27th, 2018, two Kurdish porters named Kousert Mammand, 15, from the village of Doltou in Sardasht, and Hussein, 25, from the village of Ghardaneh, were shot and injured by the border guards.

It was reported that the two porters’ load were walnut, and both porters’ horses were killed during the shooting.

There is still no detailed information on the status of these porters, and the campaign’s is trying to obtain some information about their status.

During year 2017, many of the people that had no choice other than working as porters, have been killed or injured during working time. Kurdish human rights media reported that “at least 227 porters were killed and wounded during the past year (2017).”

A number of these porters have been killed by directly by firing of border and police forces, or have been suffered by hazardous routes.

Every winter due to the sharp decrease in extreme temperatures and unbearable cold temperature in the border regions, the number of victims increases. Just during the winter of 2017, sixteen porters were killed and 25 were seriously injured.

Out of a total of 227 porters’ casualties, at least 73 people were killed and 154 were wounded. Majority of these porters have been seriously injured by the border guards’ shots, and some have suffered from natural hazards, trap in cold and snow, and falling from the heights.

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