Mohammad Ali Taheri’s Next Court Hearing will be Held Next Week

Attorney of Mohammad Ali Taheri, a prisoner of conscience in Evin Prison, said that the next hearing of the case will be held on Saturday, August 11th, 2018.

On Wednesday August 8th, 2018, this defense lawyer, in an interview with the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) regarding the outcome of his client’s case at Branch 36 of the Appeals Court, while confirming the news said “August 1st, 2018, was the first session of his court and the next court of my client’s case will be next Saturday, August 11th, 2018.

This prisoner of conscience repeatedly went on hunger strike for a long time due to his lack of consideration of his situation in prison. He was not released from prison after his five-year conviction, and he was again charged with “corruption of the Falaresh” for similar activities that took place earlier in 2011.

Mohammad Ali Taheri has completed his 5 years of imprisonment on February 7th, 2016, but still has been detained in Evin prison. Therefore, two years of his current sentences is done and he has to spend three more years in jail.

Earlier, Mohammad Ali Taheri had filed a complaint with the chairman of the 90th Islamic Consultative Commission on his obscure situation, which is being pursued by his lawyers.

Mohammad Ali Taheri is 60 years old and was born in Kermanshah. In 2002, he founded an institution called “Erfan Halgheh”, with focus on Faradarmani and complementary medicine in Tehran.

In 2011, for first time, he was arrested by the intelligence ministry on charge of acting against national security and was interrogated for 67 days in Evin Prison.

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