No Information on Prisoner in Zabul Prison

The family of Saber Charizhi, a prisoner in Zabul prison for six days, have not yet been informed about their child’s condition.

Baloch Activist’s Campaign website reported that Zabul prison authorities summoned Saber Charizhi, son of Khodabakhsh, six days ago from the youth detention section and since then, no information has been received on his status.

The prisoner’s family said: “It has come to our attention that prison officials called for Saber to be sent to a guard and then he disappeared. There is no information on his situation.”

Mr. Charizhi has not had any contact with his family so far.

Saber Charizhi has been in jail for four years for a murder charge. A while ago, the plaintiffs agreed to a pardon for Saber, but so far, his case has not been reviewed.

Mr. Nourbakhsh, the head of the Saravan Prison, earlier transferred Saber to Zabul Prison due to the publicized news, prison violence, and violation of the prisoner’s rights. It is assumed that Zabul Prison authorities allegedly transferred him to an unknown location for the same reason.

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