A Psychiatric Patient was Publicly Executed in Taft

A prisoner convicted of murder was executed in public in the city of Taft.

The public relations department of Yazd reported that on the morning of Thursday, November 29th, 2018, a prisoner was executed in public with witnesses. The prisoner was sentenced to death on charges of killing a 36-year-old woman on January 21st, 2018.

Iranian media reported earlier that the murderer was a 19-year-old man suffering from psychiatric illness who was hospitalized a few days before the incident.

In his interrogation, the person executed had said, “Once in a while I would visit my grandfather. During these travels, I met Mehrbano. Her father’s house was near my grandfather’s place. I became interested in Mehrbano, but she repeatedly rejected me. Mehrbano told me that she is married and asked me not to disturb her anymore. From that time on, I held a grudge and decided to kill her. On the night of the incident, when I realized that Mehrbano came to see her father in their house, I waited for her and attacked her as she was leaving the house.”

“There is a concern that the defendant was not granted a fair trial, as the trial was under 10 months,” said The Human Rights Watch.

It should be noted that public executions carried out in Iran have been criticized by the UN many times. Earlier, both the UN Secretary-General and the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights called for the public death penalty to be suspended in their reports.

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