Two Sunni Clerics were Summoned to the Zahedan Revolutionary Court

The Zahedan Revolutionary Court summoned two ChabaharI Sunni clerics yesterday.

According to this announcement, “Maulvi Khodabakhsh Islamolost” and “Maulvi Ismail Islamodost” were asked to appear in court on December 22nd, 2018.

Maulvi Khodabakhsh Islamolost is a Friday prayer’s Imam for Ramin Chabahar. Maulvi Ismail Islamodost is close relatives of this cleric.

The Baloch Activists Campaign said in a statement that the two clerics had been arrested in 2007 in the series of Sunni clerics’ arrests and were later released on bail.

The cause of summoning of these two Sunni clergy has not yet been determined.

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