A Prisoner was Beaten by Saravan Prison Guard

Imran Mirkzahi, a prisoner detained in the youth ward of Saravan prison, was beaten by Jahantigh, a prison security guard, and transferred to the quarantine section.

While confirming the news, The Baloch Activists’ Campaign reported that the prisoner Imran Mirkzahi had been beaten by a guard on the orders of the prison authority Jahantigh because of his criticism of the prison chaos situation and the daily fights among the prisoners. He was handcuffed and transferred to the quarantine section of prison.

A while ago, the “Solemn Sepahi”, a prisoner of a Saravan Prison, was also transferred to quarantine for criticizing the situation in prison.

An informed source said: “Since Iraj Nourbakhsh was appointed to the head of Saravan Prison, the clashes and rapes between prisoners, especially in the youth section, have increased dramatically. Mr Nourbakhsh has no ability to establish prison order. In one case, a prisoner who objected to this disorder was transferred to quarantine or to an unknown location by prison guard Jahantigh and the head of prison authority.”

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