Twenty-Two were Arrested in Someahsara while ‘Gambling’

The police commander of the Someahsara announced the arrest of 22 people on charges of “gambling” in the city.

ISNA wrote that Reza Kohestani, the police commander of the Someahsara, referring to the arrest of 22 people in the Someahsara, said: “After receiving news that a gambling site was being set up in a residential area and harassing others, the issue was put on the police agenda to investigate.”

“The police were dispatched to the site in coordination with the judiciary, conducting subtle investigations and ensuring the accuracy of the case,” the official added. “At the site, 22 people were arrested for gambling. Gambling equipment and a sum of 137 million Rials in cash were seized.”

“The defendants were referred to the judicial authority for legal proceedings after filing the case,” said the police commander of the monastery.

According to the laws of the Islamic Republic, gambling and betting is considered a crime, and punishments such as imprisonment, whipping, and fines are imposed on those who gamble, bet, or provide the means to do so.

Still, online gambling has become more popular in recent years, and there is also a lot of related advertising on social media.

Last year, Fatah police said that 5,000 active gambling websites in Iran had been shut down and 7000 people had been arrested.

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