A Porters Was Killed at the Border by Direct Fire

A porter was killed at the border of Sardasht by Islamic Republic of Iran’s armed forces direct fire.

According to reports published on social media, on Sunday, October 20th, 2019, Loghman Rashidzadeh, a resident of Sardasht, was shot dead by the Revolutionary Guards’ Border Guards in the Kani Zard border area.

It has been said that, border guards based in ” Kani Zard” Sardasht border in West Azerbaijan region have targeted a group of porters without prior notice, allegedly carrying a trafficked goods, and with the closed by direct fire, Mr. Loghman Rashidzadeh lost his life.

Since the beginning of this year, tens of porters have been killed in the border areas by direct firing, cold, drowning in the river and falling from the height.

Three provinces, Kurdistan, Kermanshah and West Azerbaijan that have border with Iraq and Turkey are the main places of porters’ activity, who, due to lack of employment and extensive economic problems in the border regions, are forced to transport goods from Iran to Iraq and vice versa using informal customs entry with a very low wage.

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