November Protests; Continuation of Arrest and No Information on Arman Heydari, Citizen of Sar-e Pole Zahab

Arman Heydari, a resident of Sar-e Pole Zahab city, was arrested by security forces and taken to an unknown location during recent mass protests against rising gas prices in the city.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Arman Heydari was arrested at his father’s house on Saturday, November 16th, 2019, and taken to an unknown location.

According to the report, no information is available on the whereabouts of this residence, despite the follow-up by Mr. Heydari ‘s family.

“On Saturday, the first day of protests in the city of Sar-e Pole Zahab, the city’s Friday Imam, along with law enforcement and security officials, try to dispersed and persuaded protesters on the street,” an informed source told campaign. “Arman, on behalf of the people, is protesting and discussing the pain and problems that have been imposed upon the people with Imam Jawad Fatemeh Nasab. “

According to the informed source, on the night of November 16th, 2019, security forces arrested Arman Heydari at his father’s home in Sar-e Pole Zahab Cultural Heritage neighborhood after searching the house.

It has been reported that during the recent protests over the rise in gasoline prices in Sar-e Pole Zahab, 10 residences have been arrested by security forces.

Protests across the country against the gasoline price increase by three times started on Friday, November 15th, 2019, and it was brutally suppressed by the security and law enforcement. Hundreds were killed and injured, and thousands were arrested during the protests.

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