A Labor Activist Sentenced to Two Years in Prison

Farzad Moradinia, a labor activist, was convicted to two years imprisonment at the Revolutionary Court in the city of Sanandaj.

According to the news received by the Campaign to Defend Civil and Political Prisoners, Mr. Moradinia, a member of the Coordinating Committee to support labor unions, sentenced to the prison which confirmed at branch four in the Appeal Court on 23 June 2015. The verdict had been previously notified at branch first in the initial court of Kurdistan Province.

The judiciary officials had called him presenting to the Revolutionary Court to serve his prison term on 25 June 2015.

Mr. Moradinia had been detained during an attack by masked plainclothes officials at his house on 7 Dec 2014. The officials have reportedly seized his personal belonging during the inspection and afterward he transferred to the Intelligence Service detention of Sanandaj city as rights groups said.

He was released from the detention after having about 25 days in the critical situation on the bail of 70 million Tomans in first of January 2015.

The labor activist is allegedly suffering from digestive disease, and he is in the poor physical condition as his relatives said to the campaign.

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