Plane Crash in Iran: Man Arrested for Filming the Ukrainian Airplane Shooting Down by Revolutionary Guard Rocket

A man who filmed the Revolutionary Guard’s rocket hitting the Ukrainian airplane and published it on social media was arrested in Robat Karim.

The Revolutionary Guards‘ telegram channel claims that an ordinary guard who captured the footage of the missile that shot down the Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 and published it on social media was arrested by security forces.

A Boeing 737 passenger plane belonging to Ukrainian Airlines with 167 passengers and 9 crews, was hit by a Revolutionary Guard rocket, hour after Iranian missile strikes on US bases on Iraqi soil and six minutes after taking off from Imam Khomeini Airport runway on Wednesday January 8th, 2020.  All the passengers and crews were killed.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces announced in a statement earlier that ” the Ukrainian plane had been hit by a rocket due to human error.”

Also, in part of the report said that the aircraft had been hit by the IRGC rockets as it approached “a sensitive military center” and “caused by human error”.

A staff member of the Mehrabad Airport control tower in a call to the Campaign for Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners said that the plane did not diverted from its route.

This employee who is working at Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport told the Campaign: “From the early hours we were informed that a plane had crashed on the outskirts of Imam Khomeini Airport and that a human error was likely to have caused it.”

“The next day, all the personnel of the Control Tower, Deputy Aviation, Briefing Unit, Ground Safety Officers, and senior officials at Imam Khomeini and Mehrabad Airports were called to a meeting and were asked to remain silent on this incident.”

“Today, after reading the news, the General Staff of the Armed Forces said in a statement that a Ukrainian plane was diverted from its route and was hit by human error, and I could not stop myself of not acting. I have contacted my colleagues at the Imam Khomeini Airport control tower over and repeatedly. Not only do many of our colleagues pursue this issue, but it is not true that the plane diverted from its assigned route. From the moment a plane gets on the ramp, a taxi (a flight going from a parking lot to the runway) and begins its push to the runway, from the moment of the check-in and the takeoff and move outside the airport radar to the center of Tehran and subsequent arrivals to the destination, all the moment-by-moment events are recorded on radars and navigation systems. The smallest change is communicated to the pilot, and if the pilot needs to be redirected at any time, for whatever reason, pilot communicates to the control tower, briefing unit, and center. Did the pilot board a car to try to change the route? “

He continued: “No official can verify what I am saying, and it is only through two black boxes on the plane that truth can be identified. Each airline has two black boxes, one in the cockpit that relates to the cockpit events and the other black box relates to the flight characteristics of altitude, speed, route, wind direction and overall details of each flight. Check them out to make the truth clear to everyone.”

Earlier, Iranian government officials said that the black boxes that were discovered at the crash site would not be handed over to the manufacturing company, Boeing, or the US government.

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