Two Political Prisoners in Ahwaz and Three Imprison Soldiers were Infected with Coronavirus

In the Ahwaz Central Prison, two cases of Coronavirus among political prisoners and three cases of imprison soldiers with the virus have been registered.  For now, they have been transferred to the prison medical center for quarantine.

According to Ahwaz Human Rights Watch, two days after the news of the two poisoners became infected with corona in Ahwaz Central Prison, in Shiban area, 3 cases of coronavirus have now been registered among imprison soldiers and they sent to the prison Medical Center to be quarantined.

The sources also informed that prison authorities had returned all prisoners in the prison medical center to public prison, and only 3 soldiers that are infected by Coronavirus are  there for treatment. This has raised concerns about the spread of the disease among inmates, especially with two political prisoners who have been infected for several days.

The Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners in a report earlier warned about the risk of coronavirus epidemic in the country’s prisons.

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