Continued Detention and Interrogation of “Zaynab Ismaili”, a Member of the Kurdish Mothers’ for Peace

Zainab Ismaili, a member of the Kurdish Mothers’ for Peace, who has been detained by agents of the Sanandaj Intelligence Office in Dehgolan since February 27th, 2020, continued to be detained and integrated by security forces.

An informed source in a conversation with the Kurdish Human Rights Network said: “Daiyeh Zeinab has only been able to make a short phone call to her family since her arrest. During this time the family has not been able to meet her and deliver her medications. “

According to the informed source, Zeinab is taken to the Sanandaj Intelligence Office for interrogation every day and returns to the Sanandaj Correctional Center at night.

Zainab Ismaili, Mohammed Amin Amiri’s mother, is a member of the People’s Defense Units with organization name of “Hawrey Lilach”. Mohammed Amin Amiri was killed in year 2014 while defending the People’s Defense Units from the city of Kobani against ISIS attack.

Kurdish Mothers’ for Peace was founded by a group of Kurdish’s mothers who their children lost their lives during protests or executed as political prisoners. These mothers’ goal is to help bring peace and justice.

In recent years, the security agencies pressure has been increased through repeated summonses the members of Kurdish Mothers’ for Peace, especially in the cities of Sanandaj, Marivan and Dehgolan.

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