Zahak City: Two Baluch Citizens were Killed and Wounded by Security Forces

In the past few days, two Baluch citizens were killed and wounded by security forces’ shooting.

Two Baloch citizens, Zarif Hout and his 11-year-old son Ismail Hout, from the village of Deh Nader in Zahak, were shot and wounded by security forces on Saturday, September 5th, 2020.

According to an informed source: “Zarif and his son Ismail were driving from their village to Zahak when they were shot by Border Regiment officers. “with the shooting, Ismail died on the spot and Zarif wounded in the abdomen and legs.”

A report released by the Baloch Activists Campaign states that security officials blamed infiltrators for providing false information in the area. They threatened the Hout family and told them to not publicize the news.

The unselective firing of security agents in Sistan and Baluchistan annually kills and injures hundreds of civilians and the Balochis’  fuels porters.

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