Qader Mohammadzadeh Deteriorating Condition on 24th Day of his Hunger Strike

Qader Mohammadzadeh, a political prisoner in Yazd Prison who has been on a hunger strike for 24 days, is in critical condition. He has gone on a hunger strike to protest disagreement with his request for prison temporary leave.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners; Qader Mohammadzadeh, an Iranian Kurd from Bukan, who has been on a hunger strike for the past 24 days, is in critical condition.

Earlier, prison authorities agreed with his temporary leave but after the document was confiscated, the prosecutor objected to his request for leave.

“Qader Mohammadzadeh’s physical condition is critical and in poor state,” a relative of the prisoner told the Campaign. “Mahabad prison officials and prosecutors have so far ignored Mr. Mohammadzadeh’s demands.”

Mohammadzadeh’s family told the campaign; “Earlier, his request for leave was approved, but after one billion tomans bail was confiscated, his request was rejected.”

He continued: “Referring to the Revolutionary Court of Mahabad, the prosecutor told us: Mr. Mohammadzadeh is a combat and will not have leave or parole.”

Mr. Mohammadzadeh has mentioned that the confiscation of a one billion Toman document and the authority disapproval for his leave are the main reasons for his strike.

Qader Mohammadzadeh; The political prisoner in Ward 3 of Yazd Central Prison, after 17 years imprisonment, is still deprived of prison temporary leave.

Qader Mohammadzadeh; A political prisoner imprisoned in Yazd Central Prison was arrested on December 11th, 2005 in Buchan. In the Revolutionary Court of Mahabad, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison and exile in Yazd prison on charges of “moharebeh through membership in the Komala Party of Kurdistan of Iran.”

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