Manouchehr Bakhtiari, Pouya Bakhtiari’s Father, was Deported from Karaj Central Prison to Qazvin Prison

منوچهر بختیاری

Sara Abbasi, Manouchehr Bakhtiari’s wife, wrote on her personal Instagram page: during a short contact that my husband had with me, he said: “I was deported to Qazvin prison and I have been denied visits.”

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners; on July 20th, 2022; Manouchehr Bakhtiari, Pouya Bakhtiari’s father, was transferred to Qazvin prison. Pouya Bakhtiari is one of the victims of November 2019 protests.

According to this report, his wife Sara Abbasi wrote on her personal Instagram page: “During a short call that I had with my husband Manouchehr Bakhtiari, he announced that he is deported to Qazvin Central Prison and has been denied the right to call and visit.” He was in solitary confinement for 9 days and was on hunger strike for 3 days. He was forced to break this hunger strike due to severe gastrointestinal bleeding, and he had to do IV therapy for 3 days. Despite being seriously ill, he was taken to solitary confinement, and now it has been two days since he was exiled to Qazvin Central Prison under quarantine by the order of the Karaj prosecutors. “

“A father was jailed for years and deprived of treatment despite his severe illness just for the crime of asking justice for his killed child.”
Be the voice of my husband because he was the voice of a nation.
Manouchehr Bakhtiari’s life is in danger…

“Mr. Maddi, Karaj Prosecutor, Mr. Fazli, Alborz Justice Chief, Mr. Fatahi, Prison Chief, Mr. Asaf Al-Husseini, Chief of Karaj Revolutionary Court, Mr. Mohammadi, Chief of the Prisons Organization… they are all waiting to destroy my husband life through his illness and silence his voice like this. They don’t allow him to take temporary leave despite his illness.

But they don’t know that Manouchehr Bakhtiari’s voice cannot be silenced because he is the justice petitioner of the his son and the nation of Iran…

“Release Manouchehr Bakhtiari immediately without any conditions, that whatever happens to him, you must be responsible and give the answer to a nation.”

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