Five Iranian Balochis, Including Four Brothers, Were Arrested in Zahedan and Chabahar

اسماعیل نارویی، یاسر نارویی، الیاس نارویی، ناصر ناروی

The security forces arrested five citizens in Zahedan and Chabahar, named Ismail Naroei, Yaser Naroei, Elias Naroei, Naser Naroei the children of Ibrahim and Amin Jamalzehi (this family relative), and transferred them to an unknown location.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Zahedan and Chabahar intelligence forces simultaneously arrested five Iranian Balochis including four brothers and transferred them to unknown location on Tuesday January 30th, 2024.

The identity of the four brothers announced as Ismail Naroei, Yaser Naroei, Naroei, and Nasser Naroei, the children of Ibrahim and from Zahedan, and the identity of other citizen who is extended member of this family, noted as Amin Jamalzehi, 26 years old and from Nahbandan.

According to this report, the security forces arrested Ismail, Yaser and Amin in Chabahar. Elias and Nasser were arrested at their home in Zahedan without showing a court order. All taken to an unknown location.

As of writing this report, there is no information about the arresting institution, the place of detention or the charges against these citizens.
It is said that the IRGC Intelligent services first told the families of these people that they will be released with bond (paycheck stub, business license). After father of the family, followed up with agency, they said in a phone call that there is no need for bond or guarantee and don’t bring it.”

Ismail’s job is painting, and Yasser, Elias and Amin are also the helpers and apprentices of their older brother. This time Elias did not go to Chabahar with them. Nasser is also working with his father.

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