Varisheh Moradi was Accused of “Insurrection” by Tehran Revolutionary Court

وریشه مرادی

Varisheh Moradi, who has been tortured and interrogated for five months in solitary confinement, has been accused of ” Blasphemy”. Blasphemy is a serious charge that can lead to long-term prison sentences and even death. The use of this accusation against civil and political activists has a long history in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, the accusation of “Insurrection” against Varisheh Moradi after six months of detention has increased the concerns about the possibility of issuing a heavy sentence for her.

In recent weeks, this political prisoner has appeared twice in Branch 5 of Tehran’s General and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office and has been accused of “Insurrection” through her membership in the Kurdistan Free Life Party, or (PJAK). After the indictment was issued by the prosecutor’s office, her case was sent to Branch 15 of the Tehran Islamic Revolution Court headed by Judge Salavati.

This political prisoner, spent the first 5 months of her detention in Sanandaj Intelligence Department solitary cells and Evin detention centers ward 209 in Tehran. During this time, she was under pressure to make forced confessions. She was deprived of the right to have a lawyer from the time of her arrest until the end of the investigation process, and only after the indictment was issued, she was able to contact a lawyer.

Varisheh Moradi has been in detention for more than six months. This long period of time, without access to a lawyer and family, can negatively affect her physical and mental health.

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