Identity of Two Iranian-Baloch Citizens Arrested in Zahedan Confirmed

بهزاد براهویی

The identities of two Iranian-Baloch Citizens who were violently arrested by military forces in Zahedan on Saturday, June 14, 2024, have been confirmed.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Arman and Behzad Barahouei, cousins who were traveling with their wife and child, were stopped, insulted, and searched by military forces at the Zahedan terminal checkpoint. After protesting, they were beaten and arrested.

Arman Barahouei was released after a day, having endured physical torture, but the whereabouts and fate of Behzad remain unknown.

The arrest of these two Balochis is yet another example of the increasing violence and oppression against the Baloch people in Iran.

Human rights organizations have repeatedly warned about the widespread human rights violations in Iran’s minority regions, including Baluchistan.

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