A Prisoner was Executed in Bandar Abbas Prison

The verdict of a prisoner convicted of murder was deliberately executed at Bandar Abbas Central Prison on December 4th, 2018

The identity of this prisoner was announced as Jamshid Agha Rahimi, the son of Hassan.

An informed source told Human Rights Watch of Iran: “Jamshid was from Haji Abad and was imprisoned in the same city. Fifty days before his execution, he was transferred from Haji Abad Prison to Bandar Abbas Prison. He was arrested in Bandar Abbas in 2014 and was sentenced to death in court on charges of killing a person who was assaulting his sister.

Jamshid was a wheat silage worker and murdered a person named Ali [the name of the victim was protected by Iran’s Human Rights Organization]. The family of the victim during this period did not consent to any satisfaction with the persecution of the elders and sought retaliation.”

The execution of this prisoner had not been announced by the media inside Iran until the moment of this report.

According to the Iran Human Rights Organization’s statistics unit, 240 executions were executed out of 517 executions in 2017 on charges of murder. The lack of grading for a deliberate murder in Iran makes any kind of murders, regardless of the severity and weakness of the accused, lead to the issuance of the death sentence.

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