The Doctors Gave up Hope on #Hasti_Hossein_Panahi to Regain Consciousness

Hasti Hossein Panahi, a 16-year-old student, was injured with the baton by the Islamic

Republic forces in November 2022.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Hasti

Hossein Panahi, a student from Qoruchai village in the Dehgolan region of Kurdistan

province, has been in a coma for more than two months.

Due to the very low level of consciousness and the rest of the vital signs, the doctors

have given up hope that Hasti will regain consciousness and have offered to discharge

her and send her home.

According to the reports published on November 10th, 2022, in Dehgolan, agents had

beaten Hasti and some other students with batons.

It was previously reported by local sources that "Hasti's father was threatened to say

that his daughter threw herself out of the car, but her mother says that she was hit with

a baton at school and the impact of the baton on her head was clearly visible." ‎

“Doctors have announced the Hasti's brain death is a result of direct blow to the head”

During the suppression of nationwide protests in Iran, many reports and videos of

government agents attacking schools have been published

During these attacks, many schoolchildren were injured and beaten, and some were

arrested and transferred to correctional centers

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