Urmia Security Forces; At least 16 Citizens Were Arrested During a Night Raid

فتاح پیربادین

About two weeks have passed since the arrest of Fattah Pirbadin by the Urmia Intelligence Department. So far there is no information about his fate.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, Fattah Pirbadin, a residence of Bukan, was arrested after the night raid of the security forces on his personal home and was taken to the Urmia Intelligence Department.

According to this report, an informed source said: At the same time of Mr. Pirbadin arrest, at least 16 other people were abducted separately by the forces of the Intelligence Department and taken to an unknown place.

The identity of some of these people, Luqman Habib, Khaleq Miraveh, Zaniar Pakdaman, Saman Shedlar, Yunus Khayat, Asad Hossein has been mentioned.

According to some reports, a person named “Hehjar” was also shot and arrested during the night raid of the security forces.

So far, there is no detailed information about the reasons for the arrest, charges, location and fate of these people

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