Arrest of Several Citizens Following a Clash With (Amer Be Maruf – Ordering Good) Staff in Qom

استان قم

Police officers in Qom province arrested several women after a fight with (Amer Be Maruf).

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, in recent days, several citizens were arrested by the police officers and faced with filing a lawsuit in Qom province due to a complaint from (Staff of the Command of Good and Prohibition of Evil).

According to this report, the arrest of these citizens was placed on the agenda of the police force after a woman allowed herself to enter the privacy of several women in Key Park as a way of commanding the good and forbidding the evil regarding the type of their cover, and it became the source of this conflict.

After this conflict, its clip was published in cyberspace and the arrest of these citizens who objected to the entry of that woman into their privacy was put on the agenda of the police officers. According to the public relations of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Revolution of Qom Province: “The reason for the arrest These women were said to have beaten a veiled woman in one of the Qom province parks and these people faced filing a case after being arrested.

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