Notice to “Sealing” for Seven Business Units in Tehran


The Public Places Supervision Department of the police force issued a sealing warning to six restaurants and a commercial complex in Tehran.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, during the past few days, in line with the implementation of the so-called (Chastity and Hijab) project, the officers of the Public Safety Supervision Department of the police force after visiting business in the city of Tehran, for the commercial complex of Opal Tehran and 6 restaurants issued sealing notices.

According to this report, the restaurant units that received sealing notices in Tehran belong to famous people in the fields of art, cinema and sports.

Accordingly; Ten Forever Restaurant owned by Ali Daei, Number Six Restaurant, owned by Karim Bagheri’s first-class relatives, Hitch Restaurant, owned by Bahare Rahnama, Bab Al Bahr Restaurant, owned by Alireza Mansourian, Bakara Lounge Restaurant, owned by Ali Qalanoui, Kasab Restaurant and Lotak Cafe It also belongs to Mohammad Reza Golzar are on list.

Also, the warnings issued to these businesses are stated for reasons such as (non-observance of Islamic affairs), (not using hijab by customers or attendants), (non-observance of chastity and hijab).

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