Mohialdin Ebrahimi was Sentenced to Death for the Second Time

Mohialdin Ebrahimi, a Kurdish citizen from the Alkawi village of Oshnavieh city, who is detained in Orumiyeh prison, was sentenced to death for the second time by the Revolutionary Court.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners, according to a sentence communicated to Mohialdin Ebrahimi, a Kurdish citizen imprisoned in Urmia Prison, was sentenced to death for the second time by Branch 2 of Urmia Revolutionary Court chaired by Judge Ali Sheikhloo on charge of “rebellion” on Saturday, January 18th, 2020.

The Kurdish Human Rights Network confirmed the news on its website, saying that the sentence was issued while the same political prisoner was sentenced to death in August at the same branch for allegedly “rebelling”.  After the political prisoner protested the sentence, the case was referred to Branch 19 of the Supreme Court. The case was sent back to Branch 2 of Urmia Revolutionary Court due to “failure to investigate”.

On November 3rd, 2017, Mr. Ebrahimi was severely injured during his arrest due to the shooting of the Revolutionary Guards stationed at the “Bimzarteh” Oshnavieh border checkpoint.

According to some human rights websites, the prisoner was admitted to a hospital in Urmia for his wounds and injuries. Later, before his treatment being completed, he was transferred to the Seyed al-Shohada Corps Intelligence Detention Center in Urmia. He was interrogated, insulted, and beaten there on a charge of “cooperating with and joining a Kurdish opposition party”.

Mr. Ebrahimi was arrested by security forces on charges of “collaborating with one of the Kurdish opposition parties” in 2019. He was released from Urmia Central Prison after serving 14 months in prison.

It is noteworthy that the brother of this inmate, Mohialdin Ebrahimi, while he was transporting good as a porter, was killed by Shabtan border police shooting in May 2017.

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